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May 2020

Going Low With the Platypod

I’m glad before I jump into photographing something I take another minute to think about what I am going to do. I have no clue how many times I’ve photographed dandelions but I always think it’s a challenge. They’re just always different and being semi-limited because COVID-19, I will always find something to photograph, continue to work on my craft.

On this day, I decided after my workout I would go outside and shoot dandelions before I cut them down. Camera and tripod was setup and I took it downstairs with me. But as I was riding my bike I was looking at my camera setup and wasn’t happy. I think I felt that because I was going to get the same old photograph –  from the top and angles from the side…same ol’ blah, blah, blah. 

I soon remembered I had the Platypod. In the middle of my workout I stopped to go outside and shoot. Yes, the Platypod was a game changer. Platypod was a huge difference than with a tripod. I was able to get lower to the dandelions than what I would have had with the tripod. This was the first time using the spikes and they were a big help.

going low


I didn’t try to avoid pieces of grass or cut/pull them out of my vision. All I wanted to do was shoot and see what I was able to create. The morning was a little cloudy which I liked. My settings were in manual. The good thing about mirrorless cameras you can see all your settings/adjustments before shooting. 

Gear used: Fujifilm X-H1, XF 60mm f/2.4 R macro lens, Platypod.








Photography Adventures

Good day. I decided to start a Podcast. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time and now is the time. Hopefully you will listen and enjoy. Thank you in advance.


Picking It Apart

I don’t have a “green thumb” when it comes to keeping plants/flowers alive. I hold my breathe if they last a week. Of my three flowers I have an African Violet. I’ve had it quite a while so I’m happy it’s still around. 

I sit and have my morning coffee right beside the African Violet. As the morning sun comes through the blinds I see how the flowers sparkle. This particular day I decided that I would go outside and photograph the dandelions. I have photographed them before but was never really happy with the outcome. And why not? It’s not like I have to get dressed to go and shoot. My camera was all ready: X-H1, 60mm macro lens and tripod. As I was sitting there finishing my coffee I asked myself why not photograph this flower? I’m looking at it every morning. 


I was impressed of what I was able to capture just by taking my time, move the entire flower around and let the sun hit as it may. I adjusted the blinds from time to time to see if the light from the sun would make any difference. I didn’t focus on one; I wanted to see if I could capture different forms/patterns/angles of the flowers. It was challenging to maneuver my camera different ways to capture what I saw. In the middle of shooting I attached the Macro Extension Tube (MCEX-16) but I wasn’t feeling it so I took it off and continued with the 60 macro. 

The next time you decide to photograph something, take a second look at what’s near you.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-H1, XF 60mm F/2.4 R macro lens, MeFoto tripod. Edit with Capture One.










When I’m Ready

It’s always good to have people in your corner – like all of your work, never see any flaws, and to push you to take the next step. But the question is are you ready to take the next step? 

I have tried ways to sell my photography: weddings, mobile portrait photographer (I use to travel to clients homes), and selling by word of mouth. Much later came the website. Now I did these things because a lot of photographers I knew did these things; basically I was following others…plus I was told how good my work was. Honestly I wasn’t aggressive and I should have known then most of those things I really didn’t want to do. 
Many years later I had a vendor’s table setup with another artist and I totally blew that. I didn’t have a plan. For the longest time I never gave it another thought until a photographer friend was trying to sell her photography. I got excited because she was excited in what she was doing, not me. Then she got me pumped and I started to think about it; but I only thought about it. All of that changed late 2019.

Anita Walker, owner of  Anita’s Harmony ( held her 4th Annual Holiday Bazaar last November. She called and told me that I needed to bring my work over to Maryland for her event. I said okay. I said okay because I was ready.


I still had a lot of work to do because I wanted to do it right this time. Of course it’s always about pricing. Yes, I’ve heard and I’ve read “you charge what you’re worth.” But I guess sometimes people forget about locations, demographics, your audience for anything you do. Just because others say it doesn’t mean they’re doing it. If I walk into a place with crazy prices I’ll be walking right out with those crazy prices still in the box…just like some of them. I began to research. I read a post where it was said you add the amount of ink that you use…..really? Okay. Then of course the time that it took to take the photograph, the time it took you to edit, to print, etc. OKAY I got it!! When I go out and shoot I don’t have a stop watch to record how long it takes me to shoot (and I’m shooting for myself). Normally when I get back within a few days I begin to edit and save in its designated folder. If it’s an image I really care for I edit pretty soon. Printing? I know how to set up my printer and computer so at least 98% of the time my print is on the money. Yeah but what about the 2%? I’m not going to stress over it. Should I add my water and bathroom breaks to the cost?  FINALLY I watched a tutorial about pricing your photography. Finally listened to someone that didn’t try to get over on people (just my opinion). I totally agreed with his information; I found someone that made sense for me.

A little fact: there are so many places people can go to buy fine art photography without paying a ton of money: Kirklands, Michaels, and plenty of online places. And now that everyone has a camera whether it’s DSLR, mirrorless, or your phone, it’s great competition out there. I have to create my photography in my unique way. I don’t want the “typical” image because everyone already has it. 

When I’m ready. I was ready because for the first time I was going with my heart. I was ready because I selected the photographs I liked not what I thought others would like.  I was ready because I believed in my prices. I was ready because I could care less of what people thought of my prices. Don’t worry about me, just do you.  I was ready when I thought and cared about the demographics. I was ready when I began to print my own work and thought out loud YES! 

The event went very well. I think I dotted all the i’s and crossed all my t’s. But more than anything what made me feel so good inside and made it a beautiful day was the conversations I overheard and also conversations they had with me. Listening to people talk about my work among each other was so rewarding. That is a good feeling. Laughing with them when they read my Bio and it stated “I don’t shoot weddings.” It was a relaxing day full of fellowship. Again I learned a lot. 

Will I do this again? When I’m ready. 










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