In 2017 I wrote a blog “ Self Assignments – Shadows”. I was visiting a friend in Portsmouth VA when that idea popped up. We were walking back to her home after our mini photowalk and if you pick the right time of the day you will begin to see beautiful shadows. So as we continue to walk back we both began to shoot. 

It happened to me again. I was sitting watching a tutorial when the shadow from my kitchen blinds came across on my laptop. The shadows where so strong that I couldn’t resist creating photographs. We all know shadows don’t last long so I was very fortunate I had a camera with a lens attached ready to go. 


At times we get into that funk (I know I do) that we wish we don’t have to go far to take some photographs; to create something and enjoy doing so. So when those few times pops up right at home we have to take advantage of it. It may be something corny but it still gives up the opportunity to continue to learn and keep our creativity flow going. When you see something you’re least expecting, it may look cool or crazy but has potential , give it a try and create some photographs. Keep your creative juices growing.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF 27mm f/ 2 prime lens.