Now that spring is here we are also getting a lot of thunderstorms with the possibilities of tornadoes. (That’s a lot for here because years ago once in a while did we had possibilities of tornadoes.) In the middle of it all I’m ready to get back out and walk as much as possible. In most cases I take my camera with me because with spring I’m also ready to escape to photography outdoors. Walking also gives me the chance to think. I have an idea of the direction I’m going to take my photography with a different style of shooting, try to shoot like I did with film (many years ago), but take it in a totally different perspective as before. Yes more to come… 😉

The other morning I went out walking, hoping I could find something to photograph but my thoughts was macro. I wasn’t for sure if I would see flowers, etc. but I wanted to be ready anyway. My first few laps I was surveying the area and if I found a few things on my last lap, I would get my camera and shoot as I walked. Well in the middle of it all I began to feel drops of rain so I grabbed my camera for the last “but I didn’t want it to be my last” lap 😦

Even though I looked up, down, behind and in front of me, I really didn’t want to photograph any full bloom flowers…but I did. I tried to look for the unexpected and I believe I captured those as well. Like I have mentioned before there’s always something to photograph – we just have to slow down and let it come to us.

Camera gear used: Fujifilm X-H1, Fujifilm 60mm F/2.4 macro lens. All photographs were edited in Capture One 11.

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