I must admit I have been very lucky of the photographs I have been able to capture this winter. Whether it’s been photographing the countryside on a snow day or just a mixture of ice & leaves, it’s just amazing of the art they had created. But that’s the beauty of it all; you never know what you will come across.

Once again on a cold morning as I was out walking I began to notice the reflections and strong shadows from the trees. Add the sun bouncing off the mixture of ice and water I began to see some unique art. Timing is everything. Around 10-10:30AM the sun begins to open through the clouds. At times with the sun going in and out of the clouds, it was a hit-or-miss capturing the shadows. So as I was walking my laps I wasn’t for sure of what I would be able to capture. I added some patience with my time and had fun trying to find the right angles when it came to the reflections in the ice and water.

If the weather hasn’t been the way you want to shoot, give it a chance. I have done this many of times this year and don’t have any regrets. On a day where there may be frost, ice, cracked ice, water, snow, shadows, reflections, clouds, and even sunshine…and you know of a place you enjoy shooting at (or even if you don’t like the place) go out and shoot 😉

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, and XF 50MM F/2, R WR lens. My original photographs are color but I converted into black & white.