After all the hoopla of Christmas is over – you know the window displays right before Halloween, sales, sales, and more sales, Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet but we must decorate, Hallmark Christmas movies all summer, and finally Christmas Day is here? – Things begin to settle down a little. Everyone is tired and exhausted and just want to rest.

Christmas – the day Jesus Christ was born. With ALL the other stuff going on, I’m quite sure a lot of people forgot what Christmas Day was all about…just saying 🙂

One thing about Christmas time is that I do enjoy is the music and decorations. I love the words of all the Christmas songs because they have so much meaning. Decorations can be interesting but all-in-all I enjoy looking at them. Manassas does a good job with their downtown decorations. Right by the train station is the skating/ice rink and plenty of restaurants. This year I decided to bundle up and walk around with my camera. Even though school is out for the week, the streets and ice rink wasn’t too busy…I picked the right night.

I had my Fujifilm X-T100 and 35mm prime lens. Even though I shot everything in RAW, I selected Classic Chrome in my camera. Since I hand held my camera, my ISO settings ranged from 4,000 – 8,000; f/stop was 2.0-4.0. I didn’t worry about noise from the high ISO because I hand held the camera. I wasn’t looking to create a super-awesome-images….I just wanted to walk around humming the Christmas songs and enjoying the decorations. Yes I was having fun!! 😉