I enjoy Instagram. The majority of people I follow are a wide range of photographers. One photographer I keep in touch with (just about weekly) is Michael Vincent, ‘The Fuji Warrior” (https://www.fujiwarrior.com/). We converse a little about everything photography and of course we’re both Fujifilm shooters. We talk camera models as well as the lenses we have or hope to someday have.

I was talking with Mike (Michael) about the Fujifilm XF 14mm f/2.8 R lens. It’s a wide-angle lens that’s equivalent to a (35mm) 21mm. The bottom line is that I really don’t shoot with this lens. Years ago I felt I needed the widest lens I could afford to photograph landscapes…so I bought one. But now the last few years I don’t like shooting super wide – I want to focus more on “parts” of the landscape and try to make it unique vs. shooting gobs of information on one image. It’s so much that I lose much more. With that theory I just never get excited to grab and go with this lens. Mike asked me to shoot with the lens for a week or so. And as I’m shooting make sure I take at least one portrait image. Why not? As I always say take what you have and make it work.

The best place for me to take on the challenge…sort of 😉 was to my two go-to places in Manassas: the local park near downtown Manassas, our community homeowner’s park, and of course my cousin in the backyard of another cousin’s home (thank goodness for family) 🙂  All the images have no been cropped. How was it? Wide is wide but I was able to capture everything of what I needed to tell a story of each image. I wanted my images to be “close-up and tight”, not all this distance from what I was trying to capture. Gave me a chance to adjust my depth of field when needed. From 10AM – 2/2:30PM the day was bright and sunny with cool shadows…that made the images stand out. The portrait was surrounded by a lot of greenery but with a little sun peeping through the trees.

It was a fun challenge…sort of 😉  I’m hoping in the near future I will use this lens. Not as a main lens but to capture an image or two that I know my other lenses can’t and will help to tell my story.

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