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September 2018

Wide Angle Challenge…Sort Of

I enjoy Instagram. The majority of people I follow are a wide range of photographers. One photographer I keep in touch with (just about weekly) is Michael Vincent, ‘The Fuji Warrior” ( We converse a little about everything photography and of course we’re both Fujifilm shooters. We talk camera models as well as the lenses we have or hope to someday have.

I was talking with Mike (Michael) about the Fujifilm XF 14mm f/2.8 R lens. It’s a wide-angle lens that’s equivalent to a (35mm) 21mm. The bottom line is that I really don’t shoot with this lens. Years ago I felt I needed the widest lens I could afford to photograph landscapes…so I bought one. But now the last few years I don’t like shooting super wide – I want to focus more on “parts” of the landscape and try to make it unique vs. shooting gobs of information on one image. It’s so much that I lose much more. With that theory I just never get excited to grab and go with this lens. Mike asked me to shoot with the lens for a week or so. And as I’m shooting make sure I take at least one portrait image. Why not? As I always say take what you have and make it work.

The best place for me to take on the challenge…sort of 😉 was to my two go-to places in Manassas: the local park near downtown Manassas, our community homeowner’s park, and of course my cousin in the backyard of another cousin’s home (thank goodness for family) 🙂  All the images have no been cropped. How was it? Wide is wide but I was able to capture everything of what I needed to tell a story of each image. I wanted my images to be “close-up and tight”, not all this distance from what I was trying to capture. Gave me a chance to adjust my depth of field when needed. From 10AM – 2/2:30PM the day was bright and sunny with cool shadows…that made the images stand out. The portrait was surrounded by a lot of greenery but with a little sun peeping through the trees.

It was a fun challenge…sort of 😉  I’m hoping in the near future I will use this lens. Not as a main lens but to capture an image or two that I know my other lenses can’t and will help to tell my story.

For more of my photography:














Petersburg Old Town Historic District

Last month I went to Petersburg, VA and met up with two wonderful photographers: Lisa McFarland and Felicia A. Epps We had decided to do a photo walk around the Petersburg Old Town Historic District. Years ago, as I was visiting family, we drove around this part of Petersburg. I have always been fascinated of that part of the city.



Through some research I found out that Petersburg is one of the oldest cities in Virginia. It goes back as far as 1750. This district that has over 170 buildings, have architectures between the 18th through 20th century. I found so much fascination: historical homes, the Grace Episcopal Church sign that represents the church that once stood, or a church that’s closed and fenced to keep passerby’s safe and the only thing left is the Church Office sign, the beautiful artwork on the sidewalks, benches that were made from old truck gates, Peter Jones Trading Station, and Lt. Col Howard Baugh, Tuskegee Airman (born in Petersburg) park. There’s so much you can see whereas you can take sections at a time to walk around and enjoy.

This day for us was a good day. It was nice, cloudy and a few sprinkles of rain which made photography all the more fun. Thanks again to Lisa and Felicia…hopefully we can meet up for another photo walk in the future. Manassas isn’t as exciting as Petersburg but I believe the three of us we can be creative and capture some awesome images.

Camera a gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2 and XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS lens. I chose this zoom lens because I really wasn’t for sure how close I was able to get to some of the places I wanted to photograph. The lens paid off. There were some places that we weren’t walking close to but I was still able to capture it 😉

















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