There are so many different types of Event Photography and here are a few: weddings, family, corporate, social, religious, and speaking. You really don’t think of how many there are until you sit down and start writing them on paper.

I have photographed a few speaking events. I wasn’t for sure what I was doing but I knew once I hit the door SHOOT, SHOOT, and SHOOT! I looked at it as a crime scene – document everything because once you leave the scene you can’t go back. Since I love to shoot it’s not hard for me to decide what to shoot. I get there early. I document the programs, displays, vendor tables, gifts, food, and whatever else I see…all about the detail. And remember little things matter. It’s part of the story. When photographing the speakers I try to show emotion. If a speaker is energetic, it’s a no brainer. If they’re not you just have to be ready and try shooting them at different angles – but always stay away from “the speaker is eating the microphone”. LOL not good! 🙂 Always photograph the audience. Their expressions tells a lot, their expressions are important. Being the best Event Photographer helps the client with his/her Brand.

One thing I had to get comfortable with is that I must use flash. The client has an idea that flash will be used so it doesn’t take long for them to get use to it. Some cameras are loud when you click the shutter. I can’t stand noise so I have my camera on the lowest sound possible. I try to make myself invisible. Now when I’m taking photographs of the speaker I have to get close up front to get the best angles and clarity of images but I don’t stay up there forever. I make sure I respect the audience and try not to hover over them as I take a photograph. If the situation permits I’ll shoot available light. I use zoom lenses in case I can’t get as close as I would like. As much as I enjoy prime lenses, zoom lenses are a must.

Now what? I have to edit and get these images back to the client. How much time to do I have? I don’t know. So I did some research on YouTube. Watched a few videos on event photographers and how they photographed an event. One photographer edit and get her images to her client within 48 hours, another said 72 hours. Knowing the attention span of people are very short these days I decided to get images to my client within 48 hours…the sooner the better. If I’m staying at a hotel, I edit enough and send to my client per email, FaceBook messenger or what works for them that night/early morning. As soon as I get home I immediately start working on the images. Time does matter. An event stays fresh for only a short period of time and then on to the next.

Being the best Event Photographer is helping my Brand.

Below is Anita M. Walker’s (owner of Anita’s Harmony) 1st Annual Women’s Empowerment Luncheon Event that was held in Maryland 2016. For more information on Anita go to her website:

To view more of my work please go to my website: Go to “Special Event’s and there you will find several Event Photography assignments.