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May 2018

Digital Arts Festival 2018

Last week I was invited to Philadelphia for the 7th Annual Lynne Honickman Digital Arts Festival. This event, named for the Project HOME supporter and trustee Lynne Honickman, showcased the work of the teens in film, music, and photography classes. The teens worked on this event all year. The festival included live musical performances, a photography exhibit, a robotics demonstration, and a variety of food that was prepared by their very own culinary arts students.

What’s so great about the Learning Center is the location – right in the middle of the community. No trying to find a way to get across town, or catching a bus or subway. When something this great as the Learning Center is right there for you to touch, just think of how many children, teenagers it can help in so many ways.


Programs are adapted to help all residents of the community to move toward greater wealth by intensifying their educational and employment chances through complete technology and literacy instruction. The Center has programs such as: College Access Program, K-8 After-School Program, and Adult Learning Center.

For more information:

Support your local communities. As you take the time to support their vision, don’t forget to document and share their story. You never know – you or maybe someone you know may be looking for something just like this. This isn’t my local community but it is my community.






Culinary Arts


 Rap Artist



Support Your Local Photographers – The Dalton Gang Exhibit

May 4th I attended another local photography reception here in Manassas, VA. When there’s a photography exhibit that’s in the same city that I live in I make a great effort to attend. If we don’t support each other who will?


The name of the exhibit is “The Dalton Gang”. The Dalton Gang are six photographers from the Exposure Group that’s located in Washington D.C. The Exposure Group African American Photographers Association is a membership driven non-profit professional organization open to photographers worldwide. They focus on photographic basics and encouragement to create new photographic works that reflect what we have gained from each other. Members include portrait artists, photojournalists, documentary photographers and fine artists who work as freelancers, are employed full-time as photographers, or who own their own studios. The mix of disciplines is the basis for energetic meetings and thought provoking discussions that range from photographic critiques to workshops on profitable business practices. To find out more about the Exposure Group:

The Dalton Gang photographers are: Sandy Adams, Bonita F. Bing, Bruce Fagin (prior commitment) , Edward Savwoir, Michael Smith and George Dalton Tolbert IV. Each photographer decided to select 10 of his or her favorite photographs for the exhibit. As always I enjoy talking with photographers about their work, techniques or just plain photography. What I really enjoyed was talking to the ones that actually print their own work. There’s nothing like having total control of your work.

The Dalton Gang Exhibit is from May 2 – June 8. It’s at the Center for the Arts of Greater Manassas/Prince William County, VA. If you’re close check it out!



Sandy Adams and Son
Bonita F. Bing
Edward Savwoir
Michael Smith
George Dalton Tolbert IV









Photographing Tulips After the Rain

Four straight days I went out to take photographs 😦  First day I went to Shenandoah River hoping to be able to shoot with my new ND filters. Well the river was way too hide from the recent rain… plus the water was very nasty looking. The next day I wanted to explore a historical mill located off of I-66. I’ve been seeing this place for years. Guess what? Closed and only opened on the weekends…with tons of folks I won’t visit (maybe). So the next day I went to a small park in Manassas where I knew they had tulips. Well when I got there a few workers had shovels, etc. so I went home. That was a blessing in itself. We got rain that night.

Finally I was able to shoot YEAH! Thank goodness for rain! If I was able to photograph the tulips the day before, they would have been just tulips. Maybe I would have been able to photograph a few with the sun beaming through or a silhouette. Maybe if I spent hours there I wouldn’t have given it a second thought to go back after the rain…I don’t know. Raindrops and the wind blowing definitely gave me a lot to work with and create. I was totally surprised with the wind blowing that I was able to stop the motion of the tulips. There were plenty of full tulips and then there were ones that were beginning to die and parts falling on the ground. The weight of the raindrops and wind combinations gave lots of character. YES!! I had a blast! 🙂 🙂 Not only did I photograph the tulips but also parts of tulips lying on the ground. There was a water fountain in the background so I was able to play a lot with depth of field. Tripod was a great help. With the tripod I was able to shoot from above as well as shoot low. I was extra careful in not tramping on the tulips. It’s a public place and everyone should enjoy them as much as I did…we know tulips don’t last long.


Everything I photograph I either shoot Acros (black & white) or convert when I start processing my images. In Lightroom Fujifilm Acros is located in the Camera Calibration. For my color images I stayed with Provia/Standard.

Even though I was a little upset not being able to shoot tulips on the first day, the rain made it magical. All I can say if you’re home or have ample time for bad weather/workers go back to the location. Don’t rush yourself. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Look up, look down and look behind you.

Gear: Fujifilm X-Pro2, Fujinon f/2.4 60mm macro lens, MeFoto Tripod, and extra shoes (you will want to change them before you get back into your vehicle). Okay maybe that’s me 😉


















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