The past few weeks I’ve wanted to walk around town at night taking photographs. With the sun setting so late (which isn’t a bad thing) I’m ready to relax and “going out” doesn’t cross my mind. The local photographer’s club had a meeting and I decided to attend and take my camera.

Back in 2016 I wrote a blog “evening walk around with the Fujifilm X-E1”. I had just purchased the 18-55mm lens. Two things: 1) I wanted to shoot with the 18-55 lens, and 2) I wanted to see how well the X-E1 does at night. Now I didn’t expect much from the camera because it is a few years old (2012-2013)…but you don’t know until you try. That night I walked around just stopping and shooting. I composed my images and they were okay.

This night was the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and 35mm f/2 lens. No tripod therefore my ISO was 1250 – 2000 and the lens was mostly set at f/2 (once I changed it to f/3.6). My goal was to photograph exactly the way I saw it. I wasn’t about trying to make it darker or lighter…as is. I wanted the shadows because the shadows gave drama and character. I could have converted them all to B&W but I really wanted to see how well the color would hold up/look. Everything was shot in RAW. I must say the streetlights in downtown Manassas are bright. Then again ISO 2000 is no joke either 🙂 But to shoot handheld I had to boost up my ISO. All my images were edit in Lightroom. I love contrast in my images and I add a little of contrast and clarity…not much clarity but just enough to bring more detail out…more pop. Don’t be afraid of clarity.

This was a good, fun, challenging walk. The 35mm lens focal length is equivalent to a 53mm (35mm equivalent). Besides the difference of the two cameras I really like the 35mm versus the 18-55mm. I took more time to compose because to get what I really wanted (or at least try to get) I had to move my feet. The zoom – the only thing was moving was the lens. To be honest, this past year I have been shooting more with primes lenses. Not only are they sharp, they’re light.

Don’t limit your photography. Still learning… 😉