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April 2018

The Night Light

The past few weeks I’ve wanted to walk around town at night taking photographs. With the sun setting so late (which isn’t a bad thing) I’m ready to relax and “going out” doesn’t cross my mind. The local photographer’s club had a meeting and I decided to attend and take my camera.

Back in 2016 I wrote a blog “evening walk around with the Fujifilm X-E1”. I had just purchased the 18-55mm lens. Two things: 1) I wanted to shoot with the 18-55 lens, and 2) I wanted to see how well the X-E1 does at night. Now I didn’t expect much from the camera because it is a few years old (2012-2013)…but you don’t know until you try. That night I walked around just stopping and shooting. I composed my images and they were okay.

This night was the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and 35mm f/2 lens. No tripod therefore my ISO was 1250 – 2000 and the lens was mostly set at f/2 (once I changed it to f/3.6). My goal was to photograph exactly the way I saw it. I wasn’t about trying to make it darker or lighter…as is. I wanted the shadows because the shadows gave drama and character. I could have converted them all to B&W but I really wanted to see how well the color would hold up/look. Everything was shot in RAW. I must say the streetlights in downtown Manassas are bright. Then again ISO 2000 is no joke either 🙂 But to shoot handheld I had to boost up my ISO. All my images were edit in Lightroom. I love contrast in my images and I add a little of contrast and clarity…not much clarity but just enough to bring more detail out…more pop. Don’t be afraid of clarity.

This was a good, fun, challenging walk. The 35mm lens focal length is equivalent to a 53mm (35mm equivalent). Besides the difference of the two cameras I really like the 35mm versus the 18-55mm. I took more time to compose because to get what I really wanted (or at least try to get) I had to move my feet. The zoom – the only thing was moving was the lens. To be honest, this past year I have been shooting more with primes lenses. Not only are they sharp, they’re light.

Don’t limit your photography. Still learning… 😉
















Support Your Local Photographers

Donnamaria R. Jones, a local photographer from Maryland, has her exhibit “Circalyans, Warriors Of The Untime” at the Center for the Arts in Manassas, VA. The duration: March 6 – April 25. This past Saturday was the Meet the Artist & The Warriors night. I was very lucky to attend this event last night… and glad that I did. To hear Donnamaria R. Jones speak about her vision for her project, and how she got from A to Z was unreal.


Early March I saw the exhibit. Looking at the brochure I received through my email I wasn’t for sure what I was going to see. I walked in the exhibit and was blown away! 🙂 Creating composites isn’t an easy task. I have listen to photographers presentations about composites but never seen any in person…until now. Here’s a little bit of how Photographer Jones described Circalyans “Fascinated by the indomitable spirit defining warriors of times past, present and imagined future, she has created an amalgamated league of conquerors, the Circalyans Warriors of the Untime, that transcend all time periods. The rustic, near life-sized portrait panels evoke the sheer might and domination of the eclectically adorned and armed combatants”.

Below are some of Photographer Jones images.


I hope everyone enjoyed the exhibit as much as I did. I wish I would have been able to talk to all the Warriors but there were so many people I was just happy to be a part of the evening. I know we all get excited when we go to hear famous photographers speak, their workshops, or just to be able to shake their hands. But don’t forget about the ones that live up the street from you or around the corner. Support your local photographers; you’ll be surprised how great they are 🙂 😉

Camera gear: Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Fujinon XF35mm f/2 R WR prime lens. Exposures f/2, ISO 2000, and adjusted my compensation dial from time to time. My goal wasn’t to shoot “tight” but to capture the surroundings in the image (and to stay out of the main photographer’s way).

Here’s Donnamaria R. Jones website:























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