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March 2018

Signs…do we really read them?

Now that the weather is trying to feel like spring, I decided to take my morning walks outdoors…take in the fresh vitamin D that I really need. I had my Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera and 27mm pancake lens with me. I wasn’t for sure what I was going to photograph but I just wanted to be ready. One thing about some of the smallest mirrorless cameras you can throw it in your pocket and it won’t take away from enjoying your walk.

As I was walking I saw a person walking their dog. Of course the dog was “taking care of business”. In this area there are plenty of signs “stoop & scoop” plus the fine amount if you get caught. The dog was stooping but there was no scooping. Don’t give HOA more reasons to increase HOA fees. 😦



Just how often do we really take time to read the signs? Do we care? As I went on my walk I decided to take photographs of some of the signs I walked pass. Enjoy.

I really do hope we all obey the signs…












Film. Negatives. Prints.


Let me see if I can “remember” how many types of film I have dealt with in my lifetime: 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, 105mm, 120mm, 4×5 and 8×10 sheet film. WOW that’s a lot and again I have been blessed.

From time to time I sit back and think of all the things I had done in my career. First of all I did enjoy my career in photography. Not many people can actually say that they enjoyed the career they have and/or had. Now that has nothing to do with the people you worked with…it’s about the job you had. These thoughts come in spurts; just out of the blue.

This pass year I have met people that are into photography but they’re shooting film. I follow some on Instagram and some I just know and we talk from time to time. Some have their own system set up at home where they can process and print their own work and that’s great. Some have to send their film out to companies and PRAY hard that it won’t be destroyed (yes that happens) and hopefully their photographs are printed the way they know they should be. As I listen or read I do get that itch of shooting film again…but then I wake back up to reality…been there and done ALL of that 😉

So I was reminiscing this week and pulled out my notebook of negatives. Flipping through them all and super happy I had dated and sleeved them. I also had a yellow envelope of sleeved negatives…yes I need to get another notebook. Most of them have contact sheets. Whether they were black & white or color negatives it was easy just to print black & white contact sheets. As long as I can recognize what’s what then I’m happy. Family members were my models. Backdrops were expensive so I used bed sheets. Once I moved to Houston I had to research local companies that did great jobs in processing my film. You have to be very careful of who processes your negatives.

*** All my negatives have been scanned***

The best part of reminiscing is seeing how much you have grown. Thank goodness I’ve grown some!! 🙂 But also just to go back down memory lane to see the styles of that era, what you had to do to take a photograph and just how your final product (photograph) looked back then.

Below are photographs that were taken with film. One thing I did was go back to see what film I had used. Here they are in no particular order: Kodak T-Max 400 120mm black & white film, Kodak VPS ASA 160 Vericolor III 35mm color film, Kodak T-Max 400 35mm black & white film, Kodak Gold 200 35mm color film, and Konica SR-G 160 120mm color film.

So when you’re having a moment and thinking about life, whether you’re a photographer or not if, you have old photographs of LIFE get them out and take your time and look at them. You’ll be glad you did it. 🙂




Had to show one of my bed sheets…..











American pastime beginning to wake up

If you’re a baseball fan you know the pro teams are in spring training. What’s fun about spring training is seeing players that are two-way players – meaning they play for another major sport but could have played baseball also. This time of the year they get to play with their team and have a great time…and they take it very seriously.

With that being said, you know Little League will be getting warmed up (if they haven’t started yet)… dusting off their gloves, cleaning out their cleats, finding their batting gloves….you name it they probably have it! Parents getting mentally prepared to take them to practice and watch their little ones play the game of baseball.


But what about the fields? What shape are they in? When will they start getting ready/prepared for all this action that’s approaching them?? The other day I decided to go to one of the ball fields/parks (I’m assuming they have more than one) in Manassas. Here they have quite a few fields. I figured I capture as they look today before they’re groomed for the baseball season. They’re lonely but give them time for when the bats start cracking.

Camera gear: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF27mm f/2.8 pancake prime lens.











PLAY BALL!! 🙂 🙂 🙂




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