Sounds crazy doesn’t it? One type of exercise that I can do everyday (if I like) is walking. And the best part of walking is that it’s FREE! But I enjoy walking. The first part of my walk is walking a few laps inside the mall. Why inside? It’s bright, other walkers, security, maintenance employees are there, bathroom (definitely a must), and safe.

99% of the time I keep a camera in the car; I just don’t know when I’m in the mood for exploring what to photograph that time of the morning. This day I decided to take a second walk. The morning was VERY COLD but pretty. My walk began right in the mall parking lot. Sun was breaking through the clouds, which made everything even more peaceful.

a view from the mall parking lot

To me the best place in Manassas for a second walk is downtown near the train station. It’s very interesting seeing/watching people get ready for a workday or just a fun day. Brings back days when I use to commute into Washington DC….backpack, tennis shoes, my metro card was in a particular pocket, change for the newspaper (yes they still had them where they were easy to find), money for my bagel from Au Bon Pain, etc…LOL. I always say a special pray for everyone for their safety of getting to their destination and returning back home.

Here are some of the images from my second walk. Funny for the past year I see the commuter train or Amtrak come and go. I think it’s time to buy a ticket and make a trip into DC. No I will not have my backpack and metro card… but I will have my tennis shoes and camera LOL! 😉

Camera gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF 27mm f/2.8 pancake prime lens.


another view from the mall parking lot
this view captures the frost on the grass
lady walking to the train station
side street where tables are left out all night
it doesn’t have to be ugly…add happy flowers
outdoors lighting
never fails to see the American Flag
heading to the train station
main street still quite
cool design in the alley
no horn at night!!
last smokes before the train?
did not know this coffee shop was there…will visit soon
inside of train station
staying warm
lets make everything happy