A few weeks ago I drove down to Nashville, TN to attend a photography conference. The night before the last day snow was in the forecast. I didn’t know Nashville didn’t get much snow so I wasn’t for sure what to expect. I was bored from the conference and decided to skip the last day and play in the snow. The hotel employees told me that Two Rivers Park was close by…so off I went.

It was very, very, very cold that day. Really if you weren’t good driving in the snow (and ice was under the snow) you should stay home. A lot of people did which was good for me. I had a feeling not many would be out walking in the park with their dogs, etc. While I was there a few people came out to play in the snow – making doughnut circles with their vehicles. Note to self: don’t stay too long.

The park was beautiful! Only tracks were a few tires and my footprints. At times snow can be difficult to photograph. Trying to make the snow white. Photographing the snow in color can give your images a slight blue tint. On this day it was still cloudy and at the end of my fun the sun was trying to come through the clouds. The reflections weren’t too bad but enough to give dramatic looks to your image. I did photograph everything in color but converted to black and white. It wasn’t much color out there and black and white just made everything look super calm, super dramatic.

While playing in the snow I did catch a cold 😦  and I knew I would but it was well worth it 🙂  I was bundled up but maybe not as good as if I was at home. Not knowing the environment I was in, I wasn’t for sure if a lot of other photographers or people would be out and I wanted to get there before anyone else did. I was there after lunch so I hope a few more went out with their cameras and captured some beautiful photographic scenes.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the 35mm f/2 R WR prime lens.