I have always had a fascination with fog. First of all I’m not really sure what’s ahead of me. I think about it like this: yesterday I knew where the sharp turn was on the road or where the cracks and/or holes where on the sidewalk. I think I see a car coming towards me…but do I? Am I as confident today as I was before the fog? Fog has so much of a mystery to it. The moment is calm or quiet, but beautiful. In photography I believe fog gives me drama, curiosity, mood and makes me suspicious of what’s on the other side once I get through the fog. Fog brings so much impact to my photography.


The fog was so thick the other morning I knew I would have to bump up/increase my ISO. One of my go-to places to shoot is downtown Manassas near the train station. It was a workday and lucky for me I got there a few minutes before the train arrived. I decided to not to stand around the commuters that were waiting for the train but to stand along the platform where they are dropped off in the evening. It was cool seeing the train come through the mist of the fog but I couldn’t see where it was heading. As the sun began to rise the fog gave beautiful silhouettes to people and the landscape.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and the Fujinon 35mm f/2, R WR prime lens.