One of my “go to” places that allow me to be creative is an old farm off of Route 340 outside of Berryville, VA. What caught my eye years ago was the old Gaylord Clarke County, VA Post Office (1880-1956) that sits on the farmland. This farm has horses. Every time I travel 340 to go home I always look over to see if the horses are out and how close are they to the post office or just to the fence. It’s been a hit-or-miss-adventure and lately I’ve been lucky.


I’m always talking safety. It’s not like it use to be (my opinion) to go out early morning/late at night by yourself. But… this farmland is right off a major highway… and just maybe I can get away with shooting during sunrise and sunset. So I did. I didn’t know if I would be able to capture anything cool; I just decided to take a chance. The sunset was okay. I was able to capture the sun as it was setting behind the post office. Gave a nice glow to the post office. After this so-so event I decided then to come back for the sunrise the next morning.

Another thing about this location – I park my car right there. I don’t have to take everything I need out and walk. That’s a plus. Gas station close by: hot drinks, food, and bathroom…the essentials of life. With that being said I was prepared.

The sun came up and it was gorgeous. A deep rich color…when I looked behind me but it wasn’t too bad in front of me. Once I took all the photographs I thought I just hang around for a bit. It was chilly out but not super cold and my car was right there if I needed to jump in. I was listening to a photographer one day and he said don’t rush to leave. Hang around…good things could/can happen…don’t rush. And it did.



This aged farm has an old, rusted gate. Bent up, going everywhere but straight, but can still secure the farm. The leaves on the trees had past their prime but they still had character with or without the sun shining through.









And shadows? Shadows can make anything look dramatic especially against an old condemned building where all the paint is peeling. How about shadows and horses? YES!! I waited around long enough to see the horses!! The owner came by and told me they had just finished eating and they were on their way out. I spent an extra 30-45 minutes photographing the horses. I left my camera on the tripod the entire time, which was great for control. Earlier in the morning I was able to focus on long exposures and not worrying about camera stability. With the horses I basically used my tripod as a monopod. My tripod converts to a monopod but I didn’t break it down to do so. The camera, lens, and tripod were so light it didn’t hurt me with that setup.






If you have a favorite spot make sure you go there different times of the day… especially when you’re looking for something in particular…like horses. Snow is just around the corner. Guess where I’m going? Yeah me going out in the cold/snow… capturing what is here today and may be gone tomorrow.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, 35mm f/2 R WR, and XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS lens.