I believe every photographer should give themselves self-assignments. Self-assignment is not a bad thing. There’s no pressure and there’s definitely no right or wrong. Just think: I’m going to go out today and shoot, take photographs, be created…whatever you want to call it. Who do I need to satisfy? No one. In my opinion self-assignments are when you decide to go out with your camera gear and create photographs of places/things that you normally don’t photograph…and sometimes places/things you normally photograph. You have to give yourself a break from the daily grind and have fun. If not you will get burned out and maybe, just maybe walk away from photography for good.

Creating photographic images should be exciting. Regardless of why you enjoy photography it should be exciting. Then you ask yourself “what should I take photographs of”? Find something close to home or at home: circles, a certain color, shadows, or a bicycle… A bicycle? Think of all the parts on a bicycle. Think of the macro images you can create. Set your camera on the tripod and go for it. I have an old bicycle that I have taken a ton of images of. When I was creating my Rose Project the bicycle was a huge part. Self-assignments give you the opportunity to learn more about your camera, etc. Little things you know you need to “work on” … now are the time to do just that. Don’t forget flash photography. I mentioned to create a self-assignment on something you normally shoot. If you photograph events, volunteer to assist in one. Portraits, volunteer to assist in one. The pressure isn’t there for you.

Here I call this Accidental Self-Assignment because it was. I was visiting a photographer friend and we went on a photo walk. It was early afternoon and the weather was gorgeous! As we were walking back to her home I noticed the strong shadows all over the place. If I was looking for shadows, that would have been the perfect day. I was intrigued off all the different ones from the railings to the street signs and the crazy angles they presented. There were so many we were making a game out of it LOL! Camera gear: Fujifilm X-Pro2, 35mm f/2, R WR prime lens.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy………….