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October 2017

anythinggoes newsletter – November 2017

anythinggoes November 2017

Black Female Photographers Vision Conference


The first EVER Black Female Photographers Vision Conference was held 15-17 October 2017 in Dallas, TX. Their Vision: “ The Vision Conference was created to represent the voice of Black Female Photographers in the industry, while simultaneously being empowered, sharing collective knowledge, and expanding strong networks”.

These days were filled with seminars: Branding & Marketing, Natural Light & OCF Camera, Studio Lighting, Copyrights & Legal, How to Price Your Work, and How to Get Published. Shootouts where held each day: Wedding, High School Seniors, Children’s Portraiture, Beauty/Editorial, Boudoir, Family Portraits, and Branding/Lifestyle.

Overall I thought the conference was very informative. I’m always about learning more and/or looking at something from a different perspective. There’s no perfect way of doing anything but a different insight helps. The best part of the conference was the fellowship among the female photographers, sharing ideas, laughing together and being ourselves. Knowing someone online and finally getting to meet them in person is cool. Whether you’re a fulltime professional photographer, just starting out, or a hobbyist, it’s just nice to kick back and enjoy each other…having the same love for photography as you do.

When it came to the shootouts I really didn’t sign up for any particular one. Since they all were close, I walked around to each one to learn something new. I believe other photographers did the same. Not only did I photographed the models I also photographed people that were not models. My thought was if you’re here and have no camera in hand you must be a model 😉 This young man came with a model (and I didn’t shoot her because of the volume of photographers around her) and I took a few photographs of him. Once I showed him the images he became comfortable and let me photograph him more. You never know how people will react until they see what you see.

At this conference I enjoyed photographing the photographers. Their expressions of shooting, viewing their images, and sharing with others were priceless. A big THANK YOU to the speakers/instructors of the conference. Sharing their techniques and equipment with all of us was great! And of course their patience; taking time to make sure we understood.

To find out more about Black Female Photographers:

Here are a few photographs I took during the conference. Not only the photographers were into their crafts but also the models…even the ones that weren’t models. Camera gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, Fujinon 50mm f/2 R WR lens. Film Simulation: Acros + G Filter (produces pleasing skin tones in portrait). Acros is Fuji’s latest black and white simulation.















Photographers Being Photographers

I was part of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk that took place 7 October 2017. Worldwide – photographers or just people that enjoy photography are together as one and taking photographs all over the world on the same day. As an option you can donate $1.00 or more to The Springs Of Hope Kenya Orphanage.


This year I signed up for the walk in Manassas, VA. Fortunately for us this was also Manassas 35th Annual Fall Jubilee Day. We didn’t have to look hard for anything to photograph because it was all there. All types of businesses, activities were on display. I go downtown Manassas a couple of times during the week to take photographs; I decided to put my focus mainly (not all but mostly) on the photographers I was with versus the vendors, etc. Just about every photographer I have met don’t care too much for getting his or her photographs taken. We’re more comfortable behind the camera than anything. I believe we all in general are getting better 😉

On this day I decided to shoot all black and white. Black and white gives me more of a “natural feel” when it comes to people. Along with my Fujifilm X-Pro 2, I used the Fujinon 50mm f/2 R WR lens.

So if you’re out when your fellow photographer friends, take a couple of photographs of them “just being photographers”.














Walking the Streets at Night

The last week in September (28 September – 1 October) I attended a Fall Photography Excursion/Workshop lead by David Hamilton. This workshop was help in Ithaca, New York. Even though the leaves haven’t reached their peaked with the changes it was still a beautiful place to photograph.


Ithaca is a college town: Ithaca College and Cornell University. After dinner we decided to walk around Ithaca Commons. Ithaca Commons is a walk only area filled with restaurants, shops, etc. It’s a really neat place and it seems a lot of towns these days have something like this in their town/cities.

I enjoy the challenges of photography at night. I have to work with what I have when it comes to light unless I decide to use flash and who wants to do that? For me I’m learning. I’m learning more about the ISO, shutter, aperture, compensation dial, and as always composition. Now I could shoot everything in black and white but I decided not too. To me shooting in black and white makes it easier when it comes to processing my images. Shooting in color gives me more challenges with the white balance (do I want to change my white balance to make it warmer or cooler) or shoot in RAW and make all the adjustments in processing. There’s no right or wrong but you have good choices. And again I’m constantly learning my camera. I must say with the digital cameras getting better each day high ISO are awesome! Fast lenses helps out also.

Below are some of my images from our night street photography. I tried to take advantage of the light that was given to me: I didn’t work against the light; I used the light. Window or street lighting – take advantage.

Camera gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 prime lens.












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