When photographers get together and talk lenses and someone mentions “nifty-fifty” you know what it is. Nifty-fifty is a 50mm prime lens. Back in the day when you bought a 35mm film camera the lens that either came with it or you purchased was the 50mm. Some say it’s a standard lens. 50mm gives you get a normal perspective and field of view similar to what we see from our own eyes. Years ago this was the go-to lens for photojournalists. I remembered this lens in the military.

Today the nifty-fifty is used a lot and for many styles of photography: street, weddings, portraits, real estate, landscapes, or just to walk around. It’s a very reasonable lens to buy. The price can range from $100 – 500.00. Fast lens: f/1.8, f/2 just to name a few. This lens normally works well in low light situations. Anything – never let the price of this lens fool you. If you purchase a camera with a kit lens and you want another reasonable and faster lens – look into the 50mm. It gives you a chance to save money and still create quality images.

My nifty-fifty is the Fujinon XF 50mm f/2 R WR. It’s weather (sealed) and dust resistant. You can shoot in light rain and dusty environments. I really like this lens. The size of the lens helps a lot…very, very light. I haven’t photographed anything in low light situations yet but I have used it indoors with no flash. Because it’s a prime lens I move more for my compositions…and that’s a good thing. With a zoom lens I tend to get lazy, stand in one place and shoot. Prime I have to move around. It helps me become more creative and active.

Here are some of my images from my walk around Manassas. Looking forward to my next adventure.