I remember growing up in West Virginia. Where we lived we had enough land to have our own garden. You named it we grew it. Fresh food. Fresh fruit. Nothing sent somewhere to be processed or whatever they do to food these days. The thing is we knew what was in our foods and never had any worries. These days it’s totally different. By the time foods get to the grocery stores you have no clue what was included inside of them. Process this…process that – flip a coin and hope it taste the way you expect. Yeah if you have a little spot in your backyard you need to start your own garden….just saying. 😉


Not long ago I stopped by Honeycrisp Apples farmer’s market stand (located in Manassas, VA). I stopped for two reasons, 1) to take photographs of their vegetables, and 2) to buy some tomatoes. I don’t eat tomatoes often but when I do it’s my moment of serious salt. One thing for sure I buy from the vendor if I’m planning on taking photographs of their products – it’s just the right thing to do. The two gentlemen were very nice. The one guy just chilled and took your money; the other was the talker. And we talked as I took photographs. They had some jellies and jams but I told them I’d be back for their apple butter.

I enjoy taking photographs of food. It gives me the chance to practice on focusing, different angles/composition, depth of field, cropping, the ins and outs of my camera, and anything else I can think of. When the area isn’t busy and I’m not getting in the “paid customers” way I can take my time and not rush. You may not enjoy shooting at markets or other things but it keeps your photography fresh/sharp. Basics of photography is what you will use all the time. Plus it takes you out of your environment with no stress. There’s nothing right; there’s nothing wrong. Enjoy your camera; enjoy your creativity.

Here are a few photographs of their vegetables. Camera gear: Fujifilm X-Pro2 and XF 27mm f/2.8 prime lens.

Oh! the tomatoes? They were delicious!!