My camera and I was walking around downtown Manassas and we stopped in at Cutrate Barbershop ( It wasn’t a planned stop. I just received the Fujinon 50mm f/2 R WR lens and I wanted to get a handle on it. As I passed Cutrate I peeked in and saw there were no clients so I decided to stop in and say hello. Phil was the barber; actually he’s a Master Barber. A few minutes later his client walked in. I asked them both if it was okay if I took some photographs of them…they both said yes. YES!! 🙂

You know how it is: you’re enjoying what you’re doing or you’re in that “zone”. An hour later I was still in my zone….LOL! IT WAS GREAT!! I’ve always wanted to photograph a barber at his craft. I see women stylist all the time but a barber would be different. I had the chance to shoot at all types of angles, black and white as well as color… always learning my camera. When everyone is comfortable the shoot goes so smoothly. Then again it wasn’t a schedule shoot; I was just passing by. Phil knows his craft. I would say Phil was in his zone. He took the time with his client. His passion for his craft was very well seen and/or noticed. Phil has a lot of pride in his work.

Can’t think of anything or anyone to photograph? Stop in your local barbershop or hair stylist business. And when they say “yes” make sure you go back with photographic prints to say “thank you”.

Below are images of The Barbershop from a-z. Camera used: Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the Fujinon 50mm f/2 R WR lens.