I like books. I read books. I say that because there are a lot of people that feel like me. Then there are a lot of people don’t like to read – or maybe they don’t like to read because they don’t know how to approach a book. And that’s not a bad thing.

This blog came to me the other day as I went to McKay Used Books Store in Manassas, VA. I went there to donate books. When you donate you can get credit to buy books or cash. I didn’t want either; just wanted to donate instead of having them sit around collecting dust. After I turned in my books I walked around. I love walking around in a bookstore. Looking at all the books in just about all the categories. As I’m walking I remember an author then go to find their name….so cool. Used bookstores you can see and feel the age of some books; sometimes the appearance of a book can have very interesting stories/history. If books could talk.

Employee at McKay Used Book store.

Reading books didn’t come easy to me; I had to work at it. My Mother was a reader – BIG TIME! I remember as if it was today her laying on her bed, with a cigarette dangling (yes dangling), a cup of coffee and reading a Harlequin Romance book. To me that was her quite time. After a long workday you want to escape. Once she was done she would stack them along the wall and the next time she saw Sheryl Hughes she would past her the books to read. I would quietly lie on the bed beside her as she read. But that didn’t make me read. That was my quite time too.

Harlequin Romance section.

Years later I wanted to start reading. I didn’t know where to start, who’s who in authors but I knew I wanted to read. Two names popped into my mind: Agatha Christie and V.C. Andrews so I’m quite sure I read many of those. I found books that were fun to read. Not a lot of descriptive stuff that would last paragraphs after paragraphs….UGH! I did read a few of Stephen King’s and if I could read an entire Stephen King book I could tackle just about anything. As my book knowledge grew I went from I wanted to read to I enjoy reading. Having that mindset when it came to reading something I didn’t want to read – it made it easier.

I didn’t buy any books on this day. The past few years I’ve been reading with the Kindle Paperwhite…and no the screen does not put any strain on my eyes. Trying to downsize with a lot of stuff; Kindle works. But I did write down some books to find on Kindle.

Do you like books? Search for something you like. It can be a comic book, magazine, how to book, children book, but just find something you like. Find a place to be your reading spot. If you find a book (s) please let me know.