June 2016 I wrote a blog “Creating photographs with limited space and budget”. It was basically how you can take photographs at home with just using the corner of any counter, aluminum foil, roll of paper and/or computer paper, desk lamp or penlight. At the beginning of this year I have been taking a photograph a day. I have been using this concept a lot. When I don’t feel like going outside with my camera I make myself become more creative and search inside of the home to see what may interest me.

I’ve decided to share a few of my photographs. I hear or read from time to time of photographers may be in a slump or have no clue what to photograph. Not for sure if your photography is more of a business, just the joy of photography or a little bit of both. I want to share that it doesn’t take much to be creative at home and flash/studio lights are not needed. So if you ever feel you’re in a slump, try shooting something totally different. And remember to have fun with your photography.

Here’s the equipment you will need:

  • Camera body
  • Lens of any kind
  • Remote – I don’t own one
  • Tripod
  • Paper that can be computer, art supply, etc. Any color is up to you
  • Penlight

Most likely the above list of items you already have at home. The images below were taken with the Fujifilm X-E1, X-T1, and X-Pro2. The lenses: 60mm macro and 18-135mm.