I go to our local community park all the time to find and/or create photographs for my 365 project (I actually call it a photograph a day). As you can see here I have picked the basketball court apart.




A Rose Is....

My wish finally came true and there was a basketball player!! First I was shocked because what young person is outside of their home 8:30AM? And why wasn’t he still asleep??? Once the shock wore off I went and said hello to the young man. This encounter will be as close as I will be as a street photographer. I watch tutorials of street photographers: walking around the city/town taking photographs of people. Taking the chance that someone could be having a bad moment, mean, or just don’t like their photograph taken – I don’t think I could do it.


This young man name is Ashim. Ashim graduated from George Mason with his Associates Degree. He will go back to school for his Bachelor’s, he just hasn’t decided on his major. When I introduced myself I asked him if I could take some photographs of him shooting ball. He told me he didn’t mind; he wasn’t a basketball player. I laughed and told him I wasn’t a photographer. We had a great conversation. Nothing heavy just about life in general…. and we laughed a lot. I did send Ashim all the images I took of him that day. He was pleased which made me happy.

The camera I used was my Fujifilm X-E1 with the 27mm pancake lens. Yeah a 27mm prime for shooting basketball would not be my go-to lens BUT you use what you have. And yes cropping was involved….and I got my basketball player 🙂 !!

Here’s Ashim with some of his moves………