When I think of Summit Point Race Track I think of do I want to see car or motorcycle races. It’s been forever since I’ve been to the track. I use to watch my cousin Tony race his bike. I had my film camera and every time he comes around the corner I was ready to take a photograph of him…hoping I would capture him doing what he loved – riding motorcycles…now I have to dig out my negatives of Tony riding (wish me luck).

On one of my drives earlier this week I ended up at Summit Point, WV. If you’re a fan of racing you may remember Paul Newman driving his car at Summit Point. I did see two people at the gate but I had no idea the track was opened. Found out it was Track day. Track day is when you pay to ride your motorcycle as many times as you like. It gives the rider the opportunity to maybe get familiar or break in a new bike or tires, get ready for upcoming races, or ride because you love to ride. You know the great thing about track day? IT WAS FREE!! You can go anywhere you like (safe places, etc.) and enjoy.


Lucky for me I had extra sunscreen lotion. I lathered up, strapped on my camera, grab an extra battery and off walking I went. I walked around where all the riders hang out. I met some really nice riders. They took a few minutes out of there day and talked with me. Some had been riding for a while, some where fairly new. Virginia Tech was there with their bike. Their bike was all-electric and was built by the VA Tech students…. really cool. I didn’t talk with them; they just came off the track and were deep into conversation about the outcome. I did find out from a rider that it takes three hours to charge up the battery.


Below are some of my photographs from the day. Did I mention it was super hot?? It was super hot!! My camera was the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the 18-135mm f/5-5.6 R LM OIS WR lens. As I was taking photographs, I tried a little panning, program and shutter mode. I was totally surprised with my panning because 1) these riders were flying 2) can’t remember the last time I panned. I will be going back to Summit Point; whether it’s track day or the races. And if it is/isn’t a planned drive to WV I will carry along my 50-230mm lens. Like the bike riders, I still need some practice with my photography. But the best thing about it all…and like the bike riders – I’m enjoying it and having fun.