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July 2017

The Barbershop


My camera and I was walking around downtown Manassas and we stopped in at Cutrate Barbershop ( It wasn’t a planned stop. I just received the Fujinon 50mm f/2 R WR lens and I wanted to get a handle on it. As I passed Cutrate I peeked in and saw there were no clients so I decided to stop in and say hello. Phil was the barber; actually he’s a Master Barber. A few minutes later his client walked in. I asked them both if it was okay if I took some photographs of them…they both said yes. YES!! 🙂

You know how it is: you’re enjoying what you’re doing or you’re in that “zone”. An hour later I was still in my zone….LOL! IT WAS GREAT!! I’ve always wanted to photograph a barber at his craft. I see women stylist all the time but a barber would be different. I had the chance to shoot at all types of angles, black and white as well as color… always learning my camera. When everyone is comfortable the shoot goes so smoothly. Then again it wasn’t a schedule shoot; I was just passing by. Phil knows his craft. I would say Phil was in his zone. He took the time with his client. His passion for his craft was very well seen and/or noticed. Phil has a lot of pride in his work.

Can’t think of anything or anyone to photograph? Stop in your local barbershop or hair stylist business. And when they say “yes” make sure you go back with photographic prints to say “thank you”.

Below are images of The Barbershop from a-z. Camera used: Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the Fujinon 50mm f/2 R WR lens.













I like books. I read books. I say that because there are a lot of people that feel like me. Then there are a lot of people don’t like to read – or maybe they don’t like to read because they don’t know how to approach a book. And that’s not a bad thing.

This blog came to me the other day as I went to McKay Used Books Store in Manassas, VA. I went there to donate books. When you donate you can get credit to buy books or cash. I didn’t want either; just wanted to donate instead of having them sit around collecting dust. After I turned in my books I walked around. I love walking around in a bookstore. Looking at all the books in just about all the categories. As I’m walking I remember an author then go to find their name….so cool. Used bookstores you can see and feel the age of some books; sometimes the appearance of a book can have very interesting stories/history. If books could talk.

Employee at McKay Used Book store.

Reading books didn’t come easy to me; I had to work at it. My Mother was a reader – BIG TIME! I remember as if it was today her laying on her bed, with a cigarette dangling (yes dangling), a cup of coffee and reading a Harlequin Romance book. To me that was her quite time. After a long workday you want to escape. Once she was done she would stack them along the wall and the next time she saw Sheryl Hughes she would past her the books to read. I would quietly lie on the bed beside her as she read. But that didn’t make me read. That was my quite time too.

Harlequin Romance section.

Years later I wanted to start reading. I didn’t know where to start, who’s who in authors but I knew I wanted to read. Two names popped into my mind: Agatha Christie and V.C. Andrews so I’m quite sure I read many of those. I found books that were fun to read. Not a lot of descriptive stuff that would last paragraphs after paragraphs….UGH! I did read a few of Stephen King’s and if I could read an entire Stephen King book I could tackle just about anything. As my book knowledge grew I went from I wanted to read to I enjoy reading. Having that mindset when it came to reading something I didn’t want to read – it made it easier.

I didn’t buy any books on this day. The past few years I’ve been reading with the Kindle Paperwhite…and no the screen does not put any strain on my eyes. Trying to downsize with a lot of stuff; Kindle works. But I did write down some books to find on Kindle.

Do you like books? Search for something you like. It can be a comic book, magazine, how to book, children book, but just find something you like. Find a place to be your reading spot. If you find a book (s) please let me know.







Photography and the Penlight

June 2016 I wrote a blog “Creating photographs with limited space and budget”. It was basically how you can take photographs at home with just using the corner of any counter, aluminum foil, roll of paper and/or computer paper, desk lamp or penlight. At the beginning of this year I have been taking a photograph a day. I have been using this concept a lot. When I don’t feel like going outside with my camera I make myself become more creative and search inside of the home to see what may interest me.

I’ve decided to share a few of my photographs. I hear or read from time to time of photographers may be in a slump or have no clue what to photograph. Not for sure if your photography is more of a business, just the joy of photography or a little bit of both. I want to share that it doesn’t take much to be creative at home and flash/studio lights are not needed. So if you ever feel you’re in a slump, try shooting something totally different. And remember to have fun with your photography.

Here’s the equipment you will need:

  • Camera body
  • Lens of any kind
  • Remote – I don’t own one
  • Tripod
  • Paper that can be computer, art supply, etc. Any color is up to you
  • Penlight

Most likely the above list of items you already have at home. The images below were taken with the Fujifilm X-E1, X-T1, and X-Pro2. The lenses: 60mm macro and 18-135mm.












Hoops on the court!!

I go to our local community park all the time to find and/or create photographs for my 365 project (I actually call it a photograph a day). As you can see here I have picked the basketball court apart.




A Rose Is....

My wish finally came true and there was a basketball player!! First I was shocked because what young person is outside of their home 8:30AM? And why wasn’t he still asleep??? Once the shock wore off I went and said hello to the young man. This encounter will be as close as I will be as a street photographer. I watch tutorials of street photographers: walking around the city/town taking photographs of people. Taking the chance that someone could be having a bad moment, mean, or just don’t like their photograph taken – I don’t think I could do it.


This young man name is Ashim. Ashim graduated from George Mason with his Associates Degree. He will go back to school for his Bachelor’s, he just hasn’t decided on his major. When I introduced myself I asked him if I could take some photographs of him shooting ball. He told me he didn’t mind; he wasn’t a basketball player. I laughed and told him I wasn’t a photographer. We had a great conversation. Nothing heavy just about life in general…. and we laughed a lot. I did send Ashim all the images I took of him that day. He was pleased which made me happy.

The camera I used was my Fujifilm X-E1 with the 27mm pancake lens. Yeah a 27mm prime for shooting basketball would not be my go-to lens BUT you use what you have. And yes cropping was involved….and I got my basketball player 🙂 !!

Here’s Ashim with some of his moves………







Track Day at Summit Point Race Track

When I think of Summit Point Race Track I think of do I want to see car or motorcycle races. It’s been forever since I’ve been to the track. I use to watch my cousin Tony race his bike. I had my film camera and every time he comes around the corner I was ready to take a photograph of him…hoping I would capture him doing what he loved – riding motorcycles…now I have to dig out my negatives of Tony riding (wish me luck).

On one of my drives earlier this week I ended up at Summit Point, WV. If you’re a fan of racing you may remember Paul Newman driving his car at Summit Point. I did see two people at the gate but I had no idea the track was opened. Found out it was Track day. Track day is when you pay to ride your motorcycle as many times as you like. It gives the rider the opportunity to maybe get familiar or break in a new bike or tires, get ready for upcoming races, or ride because you love to ride. You know the great thing about track day? IT WAS FREE!! You can go anywhere you like (safe places, etc.) and enjoy.


Lucky for me I had extra sunscreen lotion. I lathered up, strapped on my camera, grab an extra battery and off walking I went. I walked around where all the riders hang out. I met some really nice riders. They took a few minutes out of there day and talked with me. Some had been riding for a while, some where fairly new. Virginia Tech was there with their bike. Their bike was all-electric and was built by the VA Tech students…. really cool. I didn’t talk with them; they just came off the track and were deep into conversation about the outcome. I did find out from a rider that it takes three hours to charge up the battery.


Below are some of my photographs from the day. Did I mention it was super hot?? It was super hot!! My camera was the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the 18-135mm f/5-5.6 R LM OIS WR lens. As I was taking photographs, I tried a little panning, program and shutter mode. I was totally surprised with my panning because 1) these riders were flying 2) can’t remember the last time I panned. I will be going back to Summit Point; whether it’s track day or the races. And if it is/isn’t a planned drive to WV I will carry along my 50-230mm lens. Like the bike riders, I still need some practice with my photography. But the best thing about it all…and like the bike riders – I’m enjoying it and having fun.












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