Before I traveled to Dallas, TX for my Off Camera Flash class, I had made up my mind that I was going to do an interview with Tyson Pough. With everything in life we tend to take chances. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. As Tyson and I were walking around the park that’s when I asked her for an interview…and she said yes.

Who is Tyson Pough?

Tyson Pough is a very sentimental photographer. I love working with people. People inspire me to always continue to work on my photography, to give me that push when I don’t want to, and to “push me outside of my box” to try something new. I believe in people’s relationships. I just don’t take a photograph, I take the time to get to know who they are. With knowing people’s relationships this gives me the opportunity to capture their stories.

Being sentimental, Tyson’s tenderness, affections, and emotions flows from her heart, through her camera lens and into her subjects.

Tyson doing what she truly enjoys and loves – photography.

Why Photography?

With photography I can focus on one thing that is beautiful….regardless of how ugly the world is and could be. Photography helps me to help people to see themselves – the positive in themselves. Sharing this gift with others is a blessing for me. I enjoy sharing happiness with others.

What is your photography specialty?

Photographing people is my specialty. Photographing people authentically. When I photograph people I’m letting the people “be them……be you”.

You’re a small businesswoman in Dallas; we all know it’s about marketing. Everyone has a camera therefore they all claim to be a photographer. That is a daily fight. What is your strategy when it comes to marketing?

Again be authentic. And never tell a client no. You’re working for the client. Make sure the locations to photograph them works for them – not you. Become personal with your client. Take the time to find out who they are, what they like, etc. Work with them, not against them.

Do you have any words of encouragement, guidance to all and/or any photographer?

If this, photography is really what you want to do then go for it. Invest in yourself. Don’t listen to others unless they’re being positive and supportive. Always trust in yourself.

Tyson will be one of the vision speakers at the Black Female Vision Conference that will be held 15-17 October 2017 in Addison, TX: Tyson will be speaking on Natural Light & OCF (Off Camera Flash). At the conference there will be a segment called “Shootouts”. Tyson’s portion of the Shootouts will be Wedding Photography. To learn more about Tyson please go to her website: If you like to speak with Tyson email:


Below are a few more photographs I’ve captured of Tyson during the times I’ve been around her:

Tyson being a model at the MS&M Meetup 2014
Tyson sharing her knowledge with another photographer: BFP PhotoWalk
Tyson sharing information about the location for the BFP PhotoWalk
Tyson modeling at the BFP PhotoWalk
Tyson taking a photograph during the OCF class she conducted.