I was invited out to a women’s photographer’s day a few weeks ago. The trip was to Longwood Gardens, which is located in Pennsylvania. I’m not a photographer that gets super excited about photographing flowers but I will give it a try and put a great effort behind enjoying and photographing all the flowers. Longwood Gardens is GORGEOUS! There were TONS of flowers everywhere. I think the land was over 1,000 acres. The Conservatory by itself was sitting on four acres….that’s a lot of land. Included on this land is the Main Fountain Garden. I believe the shows begin this past weekend. Believe me this place is something to see.

Of course when you plan a trip the weather is never the way you want…but that didn’t stop us from taking photographs of everything with great interest. We all were prepared for the chills of the rain and wind throughout the day. It was fun! Tripods are permitted until noon. I did have mine but decided to leave it in the trunk and I’m glad I did. Yes! A photographer club was there with their tripods. I give them credit – they were very respectful when other people where around. From time to time you do have photographers that feel they “own” the place.

Photographing flowers was cool. Learning to shoot around crowds and being creative plus trying to get the best composition is always rewarding for me. Even when the wind kicked up or the rain came along, standing and waiting for what you hope is the right moment is challenging and rewarding. Not only working on my composition skills, I was able to shoot and focused on depth of field. f/2.4 or f/13 I tried to photograph one flower many different ways. Why not? You’re there. And you really don’t know what you have until you’re able to view your images on a large monitor. No matter what you’re photographing make the most of that moment.

On this day I used my Fujifilm X-E1 with the 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6, R LM OIS WR lens, and the 60mm f/2.4 macro lens.

Here are a few photographs of the women photographers along with some of my images I took this day. To view more please visit my site: www.dawnhesterphotography.com.













Longwood Gardens Pano