Early March I was invited on a last minute trip to Chincoteague Island, VA for sunset/sunrise photography. A little history of Chincoteague Island – it’s the only resort island in Virginia with no high rises, boardwalks, or traffic jams. Only hitch – it was super cold!

Mid February I purchased my newest toy – Fujifilm X-Pro2. A few years ago I purchased the Fujifilm X-T1 to begin getting into the mirrorless camera era. Loved that camera but after I purchased the X-T1 I purchased a used X-E1. The price was right and it would be a nice back up (something I’ve never done). A little about the X-E1 it has the old rangefinder style. Most of the time when I grab a camera to shoot I would take the X-E1. Late last year I began to research and I kept drifting to the X-Pro2 instead of the X-T2.

As always I don’t get into the technical side of any camera but I will mention a few things. First of all it’s weather resistant (don’t think the X-Pro1 was). The Exposure Compensation is +- 3 stops but it has a “C” selection which aloud you up to +-5 stops of compensation. X-Pro2 has a variety of Auto Bracketing: white balance, dynamic range, film simulation, AE, and ISO sensitivity. YES! I have a lot to learn. I wear prescription glasses that are tinted. When it’s bright out it’s really hard for me to see what I’m trying to focus and photograph. I’m not for sure if the Bright Frame Simulation automatically adjusts (it works with the EVO and OVF) for me but I’m happy (and I won’t touch it). When I was shooting with the DSLR, Hoodman had accessories for viewfinders and monitors…so far I haven’t seen anything for the Fujifilm camera.

Chincoteague Island gave me a good chance to really try and get the handle of the camera. Yes I read the manual a lot. I’m having fun. Below are a few photographs I took at Chincoteague Island.









Here are a few photographs that I have taken here and there……









When you get new gear, don’t let it sit in the box because you’re waiting for something special to happen. Read the manual, check out tutorials, and always go back to the companies website. Nothing is never a mistake – it’s learning.