Anytime we have a camera in our hands we’re almost like a kid in the candy store….we get super excited and can’t wait to go out and play. Just about everyone loves taking photographs. Even professional photographers enjoy their “day off from work” to go out and play. We take and take and take. Then we share and share and share. Our family and friends tells us “wow that’s cool” and everything else nice they can say. Folks just don’t know what we go through at times to get that photograph. They really don’t.

As she was getting up from the ground, she fell back down.

When I get together with friends to hang out and shoot, I always try to sneak a photograph or two of them taking a photograph. They get so involved in what they’re trying to do….I just think it’s appropriate to document them working or “in their zone”. It was said a few years ago at a conference that photographers don’t have many photographs of themselves or is never in any photographs of events they have attended. Even though the photographs below aren’t any events but they’re showing you what photographers go through to capture that image. So when you’re out for a photography day, take a few moments and capture/sneak a few images on your friends……they’ll appreciate it later.


360 pano training in Portland, Maine
Hot air balloons and old airplanes event, Bealeton, VA
Taking photograph at a small country store, Wenatchee, WA
PhotoWalk, Manassas, VA
PhotoWalk, Carson City, CO
Early, cold morning, Shenandoah River, VA
PhotoWalk, Richmond, VA
Taking photographs at the base of the mountains, Wenatchee, WA
Taking photographs in the mountains, WV
Yours truly 360 pano training in Portland, Maine