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October 2016

Early part of the Fall Season


FALL is here!! and as you look around outdoors you see changes. To me this summer was super hot. As much as I tried to keep the few flowers I have hydrated it was a losing battle. So I decided to do the best as I could and let Mother Nature run its course.

During the Fall Season I still enjoy raking the leaves and bagging them. Just being out in the morning sun, a slight chill were you may need to add one layer of clothing, grass a little damp but wouldn’t stop you from raking…just good to smell the fresh air and of course, being outside. But as I was raking I noticed my Annual Celosia Intenz plant was still growing and I was totally shocked! You see I’m not one with a “green thumb” or get super excited to plant indoors or outdoors ….but I do enjoy the beautiful bright colors and the warmth they give out. After raking and bagging, I decided to walk around (and yes with my camera) to see what was left of my flowers. I had a great time creating the images BUT I still thought about my composition, depth of field, rules of third (and breaking the rules of third), and having fun. To become better with my photography I have to shoot, shoot, and shoot. Always learning :-).

Annual Celosia Intenz Classic. Still blooming as some have died off.
Hosta with purple flowers. Nothing around them lasted long.
Pink roses are blooming and dying at the same time.
Another angle of the roses.
Roses: some dying and petals falling onto the leaves.
Rose petals on the ground.
What’s left of the Daylilies.
Tree leaves mixtures.

Take your camera out and enjoy your surroundings and the changes that are happening at your feet. With the crazy weather we’re having, before you know it it’ll be winter and snow….and yes you have to still go out and create photographic images.

In the near future I’ll be making a trip to Wenatchee, Washington. Can’t wait to see what fall looks and feels like in the great state of Washington.

Happy shooting!! 🙂 🙂


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