September 10th I participated in the Black Female Photographers 5th Annual Photo Walk. Photo Walk is when groups of people who enjoy photography get together for one day and take photographs. Size, style, make of your camera doesn’t matter…..a day when everyone have the same common interest – photography. In the past I walked in Washington DC, Richmond, VA and the last two in Dallas, TX. Don’t let the name fool you. In other cities men, as well as women, participated.

Our walk took place at Las Colinas Canal in Irving, TX. A list of photographic exercises was created. It wasn’t something you had to do but wanted to do. I believe we all made an effort throughout the day to perform the exercises to the best of our abilities. Some of the exercises were leading lines, layers and depth, frame within a frame and silhouette. I felt this brought us all together in some way. We worked together to understand and/or learn from the exercises. In our own way each one of us shared our strengths and weaknesses. And during the entire walk we fellowship. What I enjoyed more than anything was watching women being photographer’s….in their zones doing what they love to do…creating photographs. As I walked I decided to take photographs of the women as they learned, worked and fellowship.

Thank you Tyson Pough ( for being a great walk leader for Dallas.

Until the next time……Happy shooting!! 🙂 🙂

Tyson Pough teaching how to shoot silhouettes outdoors.