Here are some of my photography tid-bits that I have been using across the years and new ones I began to use lately. Hope they can help you out as well.

If you can’t afford a new lens research into buying an extension tube. Extension tubes helps you to get closer to your subject. With the extension tubes you may lose some light. I have only used the tube on a tripod which allows me to explore using a higher ISO and long shutter speeds. It’s a trial and error but it’s cool to play around with.

lens and extension tube

Lens hoods. Some companies gives you lens hoods automatically….and some don’t. Also one lens hood may fit a couple different lenses and that will reduce what you need to carry in your camera bag. The lenses below each came with their own lens hood but they also use the same one. So now I only carry one.

lens hood

Wrist strap. When we’re out taking photographs we tend to forget where we are…but people are always watching. So help with security of your camera try the wrist strap. There are many out there to select from.

wrist strap


Batteries. I have several batteries and I don’t want to use the same one over and over. I number my batteries and try to rotate as much as possible.

numbered batteries

Media cards. I take more than one SD card with me at all times. If I’m close to home I carry less..I know I can drive back for more. If I’m away from home? Not pretty because like anything else a media card can and/or will go bad on you. So how do I know which ones I have filled up with images? In my card case if they’re faced up that tells me they are empty. If they’re faced down they have images on them. Now if I just totally forget everything? Well I just put one in at a time and see what’s what :-(.

SD case w cards

Well these are just a few things that helps me along the way. If you have a routine – great! if not and you think these will help others – great!


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