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February 2016

A little morning walk in the park…

For as long as I can remember I’ve always taken the day off from work on my birthday. Who wants to go and/or be somewhere you have to listen to people or do things you may not really want to do? On your born day enjoy it the best way you possible can. February 10th is my day and yes this year it was on a Wednesday but that didn’t stop me J. I call it my “sweet tooth day” which included French toast and ice cream (that was later on that day).

After starting my day with French toast, I’d decided to walk around Manassas and take photos. It was cold but sunny. What made the time great was everyone was working and it was a school day. Note to self “find a day during the week” to have fun. You know how you enjoy looking at other photographer’s work (yes I enjoy other’s work – great inspiration) and wish you can find the same atmosphere/images when you’re out shooting? Finally I had a moment just like that! Danielle (a photographer friend) and I were talking about that one-day. We both had a laugh when we realized work was getting in our ways to capture those images.

***Speaking of photography, check out Danielle’s blog And don’t forget about her photography ***

All of my years in photography I’ve never had a personal back-up camera. I had 100% faith that my one and only would never fail. I must say – knock on wood – I have been very, very, fortunate. I enjoy new toys but I also enjoy new-used toys. Some people don’t believe in buying used equipment. Before doing so research the companies that sell used equipment and look at the warranties they offer. Do the same if you’re buying from a person. When you’re buying digital cameras, always go to the brand’s website and look for new firmware updates.

With that being said, I purchased a used Fujifilm X-E1. X-E1 is a discontinued model since the X-E2 is available. Camera models don’t stay out too long because there’s always another in the making. X-E1 is not as strong as the X-T1 but does excellent for the type of images I shoot. Like I mentioned before it’s a used product so I had to shoot within the warranty time limit. Not much time to pick and choose what I wanted to photograph, the day in the park was right on time. Just shoot! No thinking or waiting for the perfect day. Look up, down, and behind you, left and right. There’s always something to shoot. Let you’re creative juices flow and have fun.

My next blog I will feature night photographic images with the X-E1.

Happy shooting!

Here are some of my images. With the X-E1, I used the Fujifilm 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 LM OIS WR lens.















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